"The union between Sharon Vazanna's dance and Tomer Sapir's plastic art is an inevitable convergence of spheres and worlds."

Merav Pri Dvash | Vitrina

The creation deals with the body and its boundaries, and examines it from the raw and sensory, to the instinctive and human. The human body is a fenceless entity; matter is introduced to it and extruded from it; it encounters other bodies, touches them, intrudes into them and is intruded by them.


The body's boundaries and its orifices are trespassed in different ways: physically, as part of its everyday functions, but also socially and culturally. The human body affects its surroundings and is affected by it constantly.


The tension that is exposed between the body as evoking desire and temptation on the one hand and arousing repulsion on the other is inevitable.


Premiere: 25/12/2015​, Warehouse 2, Tel Aviv

By Sharon Vazanna in collaboration with Tomer Sapir

Dancers: Tamar Sonn/Coral Friedman, Meitar Basson/Ben Bach, Dana Zeharia and Shira Ben Uriel

Original cast: Nimrod Poles, Tamar Sonn, Shira Ben Uriel, Bar Gonen

Original music: Adam Gorlizki



Arc of Doves: Pavane

Brahms: Piano Trio In B, OP. 8 – Adagio

Performed by Beaux Arts Trio

Light Design: Omer Sheizaf

Rehearsal Director & Artistic Advice: Melanie Berson

Guidance: Yasmeen Godder, the Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem

The creation was made possible through the generous contributions of The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Israeli Culture Ministry, C.A.T.A.M.O.N Dance Group in Jerusalem, The Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality.

"The performance, which passes all too quickly, is a viewing of the process of change. It is surprisingly possible to read it as optimistic.

From what looks like a disaster, alien and distant, humanness, humanity and communication shine through". 


Smadar Sheffi | The Window​

"Vazanna cooperated with visual artist Tomer Sapir, who is responsible for the dancers’ unique look. This second layer of skin which looked so alien has a powerful visual effect which in itself imposed new reflections on the dance."


"Obviously Vazanna encouraged the audience to consider the bodies’ sexuality, manipulation, objectification, attraction versus rejection and more, as natural forces. She uses an intriguing movement lexicon...

Ora Brafman | The Jerusalem Post

"The sections are full of vitality and reflect the technical demands that Vazanna requires from her dancers, as  a  dancer herself who performed on renowned European stages...."

"They are talented dancers, committed both spiritually and physically to the theme, and devoted to confronting the technical challenges."

"They do not spare any effort and are prepared to peel off from their body the cover of dirt as if it were a layer of skin, and unveil their familiar and vulnerable bodies." 


Ruth Eshel | Ha'aretz

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