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Contemporary Dance Class HKAPA

Contemporary Dance Class HKAPA

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MASTER CLASS  - The Speaking Body

Sharon Vazanna's work extends beyond the stage through Workshops, Master Classes, Residencies and Commissions by bringing her creative process and her Dance Pedagogy to schools and dance companies in Israel and abroad.

Teaching Concept 

After a long and rewarding dance career in Europe and in Israel, Sharon is engaged for the last twelve years in choreography and in teaching.


As a creative artist I wish to work with dancers who have diverse creative and personal qualities side by side with advanced physical capabilities and technical proficiency. In my work with young artists, I strive to develop in them these very qualities. As teacher of contemporary dance I believe that my task is to develop in my students not only their physical and expressive capabilities but also their personalities and individuality. As a teacher I try to equip them with a variety of tools which will enhance them as dancers and enable them to engage in a professional career with independent choreographers, in professional dance companies, or in any other direction they wish to take in the field.

The Master Class

The class will start with a contemporary technique class and will be followed by a study of material from the current repertoire.

We will examine the relationships between different body parts, work on isolations of body parts influenced by gravity, weight and space. We will analyse the dynamics of a movement and look into movement patterns. 

We will give attention to musicality, rhythmic precision and the quality of each and every movement.


The second part of the class is a study of sections from the current repertoire including internalising layers of the creative background of the work, its character and its emotional and psychological motives.

2024               City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong 

2023 - 2024    The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, Hong Kong

2019 - 2023    The Thelma Yellin School of the Arts, Israel

2023                 Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019                 Fresco  - Yoram Carmi Dance Company, Israel

2019                 Aterballeto Dance Company, Italy

2018                 Boris Eifman Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2018/2019      NOD Dance Education Program, Turin, Italy

2017                 Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2016                 Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

2011 - 2016    Alef Dance School for The Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012 - 2015    The Jerusalem Dance Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

2010 - 2014    The Professional Dancers Education Program Bikurei Ha'itim, Tel Aviv

2007/2014      The Professional Dancers Education Program, Kibbutz Ga'aton, Israel

2010                 The Dance and Theatre Academy Bytom, Poland 

2008                 The Danish National School for Contemporary Dance, Denmark


Sharon offers open classes for professional dancers.

For the monthly schedule and info please contact:

The class is a contemporary technique class for professional dancers.