“The pursuit of the ideal body

 alienates us from the body itself”

Three women scan their bodies from head to toe searching for memories: a scar, an imprint, a story. In their bodies they find a map of their own human experience, both physical and emotional. Revealed are untold tales of physical transformations throughout their lives - adolescence, pregnancy, birth. But all the while they rise up against their bodies.

In an attempt to adhere to unwritten codes, the three women try to find their place in a society that perceives the ever-changing female body as a source of danger. They are trying to perfect their imperfections. A never-ending battle to conceal the Monster…

Premiere: 1/9/18, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

By: Sharon Vazanna

Dancers collaborators: Dana Zeharia, Tamar Sonn, Tal Nof

Original cast: Dana Zeharia, Shira Ben Uriel, Chen Shalev


Nina Simone: Feeling Good

Reut Yehudai: Oneg - Original Music

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty – Introduction, Prologue. Performed by Charles Dutoit & the Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Umm Kalthoum: El Atlall 

WSM: Deutsh-Marsh

Franz Liszt: Liebestraum

Portishead: SOS

The Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Musical Editing & Sound Design: Reut Yehudai

Costume Design & Making: Tommer Halperin

Light and Stage Design: Amir Castro

Rehearsal Director & Artistic Advice: Melanie Berson

The creation was made possible through the generous contributions of The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Israeli Culture Ministry, The Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality, Tmuna Theatre and The Pais Foundation.


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