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The swing rocks and livens the heart with pleasure and joy, and at the same time is dizzying and causes nausea. Four characters in a room with no ability to escape, expose a new dimension of observation on what is happening within them: between their body and its environment, between their body and their soul, and between their souls and themselves. 


The creation examines the notions of motherhood and family and points to the complexity of the human experience from a desire to illuminate the possibility of containing the obscure, vague and constantly changing.


The creation was developed at The Menashe Dance House and is supported by The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Israeli Ministry of Culture and The Tel Aviv Municipality. 

Dancers Collaborators: Shmuel Halfon, Danielle Lander, Snir Marbach, Aya Degani

Original Cast: Gary Reagan, Gilly Geva, Shmuel Halfon, Danielle Lander


Music: Mort Garson: Plantasia, Daniel Bjarnason: Over Light Earth I. Over Light Earth, Alfred Schnittke: Piano Quintet 2. In Tempo Di Valse performed by Molinari Quartet and Louis Bessette, Ludwig Van Beethoven: Piano Sonata nr. 22 performed by Vladimir Horowitz, Philip Glass: Etude No. 2 performed by Maki Namekawa.


Musical arrangements and soundtrack design: Reut Yehudai
Costume Design:  Shira Wise  Making: Shlomit Fenichel

Rehearsal director and artistic advice: Noa Shiloh

Light and Stage Design: Nadav Barnea

Premiere: 21/7/22

Thanks to: Dr. Dan Sagiv, Ran Brown and The Thelma Yellin School of the Arts, Ran Leshem and The Habait Theatre, Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, Ma’ayan Even, Adi Almog and Romi Cohen.

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