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Photo_ Talli Geller

In an enclosed and defined space two women trying once and again to change the familiar rules of citation.

The creation examines representations from the classical era as well as from today, decomposes and recomposes them into new imagery. It is inspired by Judith Butler's performative theory according to which gender is  a display, namely that it is a kind of action that people perform out of a deeply rooted cultural habits.

The creation calls for an individual action defying convention, breaking rules and allowing for a new visit in the body.

Dancers Collaborators: Tal Nof, Danielle Lander


Bela Bartok: String Quartet No. 4 in C Major, Op. 17, Sz. 91: V. Allegro molto.

Performed by: Jerusalem Quartet.

Corinne Allal: "I have No Other Country"

Performed by: Corinne Allal, Words: Ehud Manor, Corinne Allal

Sound Editing: Reut Yehudai

Rehearsal Director: Noa Shiloh

The creation is supported by The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Ministry of Culture, The Pais Foundation, The Tel Aviv Municipality and JISDF.


Thanks to: Dr. Dan Sagiv, Ran Brown and The Thelma Yellin School of the Arts, Talia Paz, D"r Einav Katan - Schmid and The Kibuttzim College, Ginat Kalid, Noa Shiloh, Orit Strauch and The Menashe Dance House.

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