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"The most imaginative choreographic solutions are derived from this intermingling. An attest to an artistic eye that knows how and what to choose. The magnificent skills of the dancers, their attentiveness, their perspicuity and their bodies that seem capable of performing just everything –   all these are of great support to the choreography”.

(Ruth Eshel/Ha'aretz)

Through the relationship between two women the creation examines the transitions between the need of the individual for separation and independence and his need for affinity and human support.


The creation raises the questions: can one have relationships without being dependent on another person? Or is it human nature to bond and be bonded to others? And where does the human need for defining borders between oneself and others originate from?

Premiere: 9/5/2014​, Warehouse 2, Tel Aviv

By: Sharon Vazanna

Dancers: Tamar Sonn, Sharon Vazanna/Shira Ben Uriel


The Kronos Quartet: Dmitri Yanov Yanovsky: "Awakening"

Ramallah Underground: "Tashweesh"

Sagi Zoref: "Thunders"

Leonard Cohen: Garcia Lorca: "Take This Waltz"

Musical Advice and Sound Design: Sagi Zoref

Light Design: Omer Sheizaf

Costume Design: Emma Margarita Ernst

Dress making: Haya Geiman

Additional artistic advice: Yasmeen Godder

The creation was made possible through the generous contributions of The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Israeli Culture Ministry, ilDANCE Sweden and The Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality.

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