MONSTER- Ein Shemer, Israel


MONSTER- Tel Aviv, Israel


HIGH- Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


HIGH- Studio performance, Tel Aviv, Israel


NOD - Master Classes, Turin, Italy


Aterballetto- Morning class, Reggio Emilia, Italy


FRESCO DANCE COMPANY- Morning classes, Tel Aviv, Israel


FRESCO- Master classes, Tel Aviv, Israel


Good Children- Process talks, Suzanne Dellal, Israel


Good Children- Thelma Yellin School of The Arts, Givataim, Israel


Good Children- Curtain Up Festival, Kibbutz Ga'aton,  Israel


Good Children- Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv, Israel


Good Children- Curtain Up Festival, Mazya Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel


Good Children- Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv, Israel


Good Children-  International Exposure, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv, Israel


Good Children and HIGH,  Dance Week, The Fringe Theatre, Be'er Sheva, Israel




Transparent Borders- Arava, Israel

18/1 -19/1

BODIES- Ministry of education, Reali Beit Biram, Haifa, Israel


BODIES- Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


Other - A creation for The Hayovel Dance Department, Hertzelia Performing Art Center, Israel

23/4 - 27/4

Master classes - NOD - Turin, Italy


Master Classes - Maslool Professional Dance Program, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Try Out, Kamea Studio, Be'er Sheva, Israel


HIGH- Ye'arot Menashe Festival, Megido, Israel


MONSTER- Try Out, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Try Out, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Try Out, The Finge Theatre, Be'er Sheva, Israel


MONSTER- Premiere, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Premiere, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


HIGH- Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Premiere, Open Look Dance, The Alexandrinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Master Classes - Boris Eifman Dance Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia


LECTURE- The Ural Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia


MONSTER- Premiere, The Jewish Modern Festival, Yekaterinburg, Russia 


MONSTER- Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


MONSTER- Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

23/11 - 24/11

MONSTER + Master classes - Givat Haviva, Israel


MONSTER - International Exposure Dance festival, Tel Aviv


MONSTER - The Fringe Choreography Competition, Be'er Sheva



Workshop- Dance Community Club, Israel


Transparent Borders - The Fringe Theatre, Be'er Sheva


Workshop- CODARTS, Rotterdam, Holland


HIGH/Transparent Borders- The KORZO Theatre, The Hague, Holland

8/9 -

HIGH- The Pais Foundation, Ashdod, Israel

2/7 - 3/7

BODIES- Open Look International Dance Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia

9/6 - 11/6

TRACES- The Delattre Dance Company, Mainz, Germany

2/6 - 4/6

TRACES- The Delattre Dance Company, Mainz, Germany

18/5 - 21/5

TRACES- Premiere, The Delattre Dance Company, Mainz, Germany

20/1 - 1/2

TRACES- Creation Process at The Delattre Dance Company, Mainz, Germany

16th. January

I am not Falling - A new creation commissioned by Kibbutzim College of the Arts, Tel Aviv


12th. December

HIGH- The Yavne Cultural Hall, Yavne


11th. December

BODIES - The International Exposure Dance Festival, Tel Aviv

6th. December

An Evening of creations- The Fringe Theatre, Be'er Sheva


26th. November

Transparent BordersGivat Haviva

19th. November

BODIES - Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

13th. November

HIGH - The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

31st. October

HIGH - The Jaffa To Agripas Events by C.A.T.A.M.O.N Dance Group, Jerusalem

20th. September

HIGH - 7/7 - The Israeli Choreographers Association, Ware House 2. Tel Aviv

17th. September

HIGH- Open Air Performances - Culture Days- The Pais Foundation, Natanya

7th. September

BODIES - Ware House 2, Tel Aviv

20th. August

BODIES - Mazya Theatre, Jerusalem

29th & 30th. June

BODIES - Ware House 2, Tel Aviv

4th & 5th. May.

BODIES - an excerpt, The Muhlenberg College, Pa, USA


8th. April 

Work Shop at F & M College, PA, USA


17th. March

Transparent Borders & HIGH 

Perormance and Talk Back at The Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, USA


4th. + 5th. March

Transparent Borders, Edge in Unexpected Spaces Dance Festival, by CORE DANCE, Atlanta, USA

Work Shop at KSU, Atlanta, USA


26th. February

Transparent Borders ,Edge in Unexpected Spaces Dance Festival by CORE DANCE

The HIGH Museum, Atlanta, USA


19th. January - 6th May 

Vazanna is invited to teach and create at The Muhlenberg College as part of

The Schusterman Foundation and The Israel Institute Residency Program, PA, USA


15th. January  

HIGH A SOLO, "Out of Israel Dance Festival", 92Y, New York, USA


25th + 26th Dec.

BODIES, premiere in collaboration with Tomer Sapir - Premiere performances, Tel Aviv


17th. Dec.

BODIES, in collaboration with Tomer Sapir

Performance and Talk Back at The Ironi Alef High School For The Arts, Tel Aviv


13th. Dec

HIGH, Performance, Work shop and Talk Back, Zehala Dance Studio, Tel Aviv


10th. Dec.

BODIES, in collaboration with Tomer Sapir

Try out and Talk Back at The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance


5th. December

HIGH, The International Exposure Dance Festival, TLV


3rd. December

FLUIDS, In Collaboration with the artists Tomer Sapir

As part of The Jaffa to Agripas Events, C.A.T.A.M.O.N, Dance Group, Artistic director Elad Schechter, Jerusalem


7th. November

HIGH, performance in collaboration with choreographer Andrea C. Martini, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv


29th. October

HIGH, Performance in collaboration with musician Sagi Zoref at the Pasaze Bar, Tel Aviv


3rd. September

Transparent Borders, 7/7 - The Israeli Choreographers Association, Tel Aviv


25th. August

HIGH, Performance in Collaboration with choreographer Hillel Kogan, 

The Tel Aviv Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal


7th. July

HIGH, Performance in collaboration with choreographer Noa Zuk, 

At The Contemporary Center for Modern Art, Tel Aviv


29th. June

HIGH - Performance in collaboration with musician Sagi Zoref at  The Haifa Rok City Festival, Haifa


19th. June



30th. April

Transparent Borders, Bern Konzert Theatre Festival, Switzerland


25th. March

HIGH, 7/7 - The Israeli Choreographers Association, Tel Aviv


14th. March

HIGH, premiere of the stage version & Transparent Borders

Guest performance: Excerpt from 'HALL' (2001) by Yasmeen Godder

Performed by dancers from the 'Maslool - Professional Dance Program' of Bikurey Ha'Itim Arts Center, Tel-Aviv


10th. March

Transparent Borders, Performance in "Women's Day", Ware House 2, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv


15th. February

Audition - New Production of The Sharon Vazanna Dance Group

250 applications from Israel and abroad, 100 particiapants. 


4th. February

Transparent Borders, Performance in collaboration with choreographer Noa Zuk, 

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall, Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, Tel Aviv


1st. January  

We are proud and happy to announce that choreographer Sharon Vazanna is henceforth a member of the Israeli Choreographers Association. We believe that this membership will help to further develop the activities of The Sharon Vazanna Dance Group in Israel and abroad.


Dec. 28th

Transparent Borders, in collaboration with Elad Schechter, C.A.T.A.M.O.N, Mazya Theatre, Jerusalem


Dec 6th,

Transparent Borders, International Exposure Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv


Nov 28th,

Transparent Borders, The International Choreography Competition Machol Shalem, Jerusalem


Oct. 20th

HIGH, premiere

A new creation by Sharon Vazanna Dance Group Commissioned by Elad Schechter C.A.T.A.M.O.N Dance for "From Jaffa To Agripas Events" in The Machne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.


Sep. 12th - 19th

Running Up The Hill Residency, Bologna, Italy


Sep. 13th - 14th 

Transparent Borders, Bologna, Italy


Sep, 11th

Red Fields, Performances at The Mambo Museum of Modern Art, Bologna, Italy


June. 28th

Transparent Borders, "Fresh" Festival, Braunsweig, Germany


May. 9th-10th

Transparent Borders, premiere, Tel Aviv, Israel


23/3 - 1/4

Asylum Arts

International Jewish Artist Retreat Supported by The Schusterman Family Foundation, U.S.A

Sharon was invited to participate in the program together with artists from all over the world.

Sharon taught master classes in the program and in Gibney Dance Center, New York.


1/1 -8/5

Creation Process of Transparent Borders, Israel

Dec. 6th 

The Feast, The International Exposure at Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv


Nov. 29th

The Feast, The International Choreography Competition In Jerusalem


Oct. 28th - Nov.3rd

Workshop and creation of a work in progress with the dancers of the Auditorium of Tenerife, Spain


Oct. 27th

Red Fields, Teatro Victoria, Tenerife, Spain

The Feast , Auditorium de Tenerife, Spain


Oct. 26th

Red Fields won the Audience award for a solo creation and performed at the winners Gala, Spain


Oct. 24th-25th

Red Fields & The Feast, Masdanza Choreography Competition, The Canary Islands, Spain  


Oct. 15th-16th

Red Fields & The Feast, Teatro Franco Parenti, as part of the Energie De Tel Aviv Festival, Milan, Italy


July. 10th - 20st  

Residency ilDance, Sweden


June. 30st

The Feast, The Hannover Choreography Competition, Germany


April 27th

Red Fields & The Feast, The Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv


March 29th

Red Fields, The Cross Connection Choreography Competition, Copenhagen, Denmark


March 19th

Red Fields, at The Solo Tanz Chpreography Competition, Stuttgart, Germany


March 10th

Red Fields & The Feast, The Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel




Dec 10th - 20st

The Feast, tour in Sweden, 

In Collaborations with creations by ilDance, Idan Sharabi and The Delattre Dance Company.

Gothenburg, Stockholm, Boras, Sweden


Nov 16th, 24th, 29th

The Feast, premiere performances at The Curtain Up Dance Festival, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel


July 5th - 7th

Red Fields, premiere performances  at The Intimidance Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel aviv, Israel


Monster- Klor Dance Center, Kfar Blum, Israel


Monster- Tmuna Theatre, Tel aviv, Israel


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