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"Sharon Vazanna's dance piece "The Feast" is a work that leaves its imprint on you... Vazanna reminds us of Yasmeen Godder in building tension that gets to its peak upon its dissolution. This is a well built work which reflects choreographic talent and skill."

Ruth Eshel | Ha'aretz

The creation deals with the struggle of three women for living space, attention, freedom and love in their journey through the human jungle, and with their attempt to survive in it.


The tension between the attempt to “fit in” and to conform to the rules of society and the hunger for success, status and power is the driving force behind these relationships. As they feed off of one another and are fed one by the other the boarders between human and animal fade.


Premiere: 16/11/2012, Curtain Up Dance Festival​

Choreography: Sharon Vazanna

Dancers: Tamar Sonn/Dana Zeharia, Ravid Abarbanel, Sharon Vazanna

Original music and Sound Editing: Shlomi Bitton



Giuseppe Verdi - excerpts of La Traviata: Di Madride noi siam mattadori,

Si Ridesta In Ciel L'Aurora.

Enrique Granados: La Maja De Goya Excerpt of "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King JR

Light Design: Dani Fishof

Costume Design: Nir Benita

Dress Making: Haya Geiman

Rehearsal Director: Melanie Berson

Artistic Adviser: Ronit Ziv

The creation was made possible through the generous contributions of The Israeli Choreographers Association, The Israeli Culture Ministry, The Israel Festival, The Pais Foundation and The Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality.

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