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The heart and center of my creative practice is the human experience as expressed in the body. My central interest rests in the body and I feel a strong urge to explore it and find out what experiences it conceals. For me the body is the sensor and articulator of the human soul. 

As a creator I have developed a creative practice that I call Speaking Bodies. In this practice I move between the physical and the emotional space. Translating conscious and unconscious materials of the soul through improvisation and writing.

The body speaks behaviors, conditions, and paradigms that the creative process allows to expose and transform. our personal and social story is ingrained in our cells, in the creative process we decipher the map of the body and soul that are one.


I am curious to learn about matters that we as individuals in a society often do not speak about, and sometimes are not even aware of, and I wish to explore social, political and cultural evolutions that we undergo both as individuals and as a global society.


believe in dance as a means of communication, as a language that crosses boundaries, overcomes differences and is accessible to all.

I seek to discover new ranges for movement expression and am interested in joint ventures with artists in other fields in order to address challenges that face us as individuals and as a society. I choose to cooperate with exceptional artists in the fields of visual art, design, performance and music. Each of them introduces his/her own perspective to the creative process. 


My work is based on my personal experience, on my observations of the society in which I live. My interaction with it and the influence it has on me and others. Art is an act of reflection on life; therefore, creation requires an audience for whom to present new and old dilemmas and ideas.


The creation addresses the audience and wishes to have the spectators take part in the feelings and situations that arise. I wish to see the audience coming out of the performance wondering, reflecting and discussing the questions that arise out of the creation, even without having reached any concrete solution. I would like to invite and open up a conversation within the self and with others.

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