My starting point in every creation process is the body. I am driven by it and have a strong need to explore and discover the untold stories it holds inside. For me, it is a map to the psychology and soul of a person. My mission is to read this map and learn about things that we as individual members in society sometimes do not talk about or are not even aware of.  I trust in dance as a form of communication. I think that it is a language that is accessible to everyone with no borders or differences.

I am curious to discover new dimensions in the form of movement and interested in creating an artistic dialogue around issues that engage us individuals and as a society. I choose to share my creative processes with unique visual artists, musicians, designers and performers. They all bring their perspective to the process. They carry strong personalities and a passion for art and together we create a dialogue around themes that engage us and which we have questions about.

My work is based on personal experience and observation of the society that I live in, my interaction with it and the influence it has on me and on others. Feelings, thoughts and memories that arise through examination of specific research subjects translate into physical exploration which I then choreograph into scenes that convey the subject and atmosphere of the creation.

I wish to address the audience and enable them to identify with feelings and situations presented in the creation. I do not wish to merely please the audience visually and aesthetically but rather strive to challenge their sensitivity and arouse their intellect. I hope the audience will leave the performance wondering, contemplating and discussing the questions raised, without necessarily reaching concrete solutions.